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Disney Puppy Dog Pals Backpack

Added on May 23, 2018 inDogs
$79.90 Add To Cart price at 20/04/2020 2:04 AM GMT+1000 -Details

13″H * 11″W * 3.5″D Product Features 13″H * 11″W * 3.5″D

13″H * 11″W * 3.5″D

Product Features

  • 13″H * 11″W * 3.5″D


SweetKeri says:

Perfect size for a toddler! The cutest little backpack! I was thinking it would be the size of a school age kid but it is just the right size for my toddler . A great backpack for taking along toys while on the go.

Ren says:

My kids gonna like it, sure It’s cute, yeah. My kids gonna like it, sure. ….way smaller than I expected, especially considering the price. Says on the Q and A that it’s school backpack sized – Definitely not the case. Also has the original price tag still on it, proving the free shipping just means the shipping is tacked on to the end price. Thought this would be a perfect gift to save for my kid whos starting kindergarten in the fall; she’ll still get it….but even fitting a single folder into it is going to be a stretch. Just keep this in mind when looking

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